Allume Paris

An exploratory, augmented reality game that brings the characters in Paris' street names to life, inspired by neural plasticity.


A mobile application that guides blind commuters through the subway using beacon technology, inspired by molecule signaling and hormone transport.


A system of pedestrian-friendly green corridors, built over unused road space, that connect the green spaces of Paris, inspired by the brain's neural network.


A summer program for marginalized suburban youth that reinforces classroom lessons with hands-on projects, inspired by the process of angiogenesis.


A mobile and autonomous hygiene module available to migrants, refugees, and homeless people free of charge, inspired by the role of white blood cells in the immune system.

Center for Civic Engagement

A new branch of the Mayor’s Office helping to facilitate grassroots social innovation, inspired by the innate and adaptive immune systems.


An educational cartoon magazine, made by children, for children, inspired by the signal transduction cascade.

Competition Divercité

An annual innovation competition in which teams of high school students from across Paris collaborate to solve the city's most pressing problems, inspired by the symbiotic relationship between red ants and acacia trees.


An ecological sister school program pairing students of different socioeconomic backgrounds, inspired by DNA repair mechanisms. 

Fast Trash

A pre-sorting pneumatic waste system, visible at strategic locations along the Seine, inspired by the human digestive system. 


A network of publicly accessible refrigerators and pantries where Parisians can exchange excess fresh food, inspired by the way carbon dioxide travels from the cells to the lungs.


An online platform to facilitate offline, bidirectional mentoring between youth (13-26) and Third Age adults (50-70), inspired by evolutionary arguments for intergenerational partnerships.

Green Coin

An alternative "green currency" that rewards users for performing environmentally friendly actions, inspired by the kidney's ability to reclaim and reuse waste.


A whimsical approach to urban greening using moss art on building facades and billboards, inspired by the process of pufferfish nest construction.

Harnessing the Seine

Hydroelectric kinetic turbines on the bed of the Seine that generate electricity for the subway system, inspired by the ATP synthase enzyme.


A public health campaign for the subway pairing crowdsourced educational posters with innovative hygiene measures, inspired by hormone signaling.

Jardin Ouvert

A network of green walls and open planter beds lining the Seine that mitigate urban heat island effect and provide a sustainable alternative to love locks, inspired by microbiome therapy.

Joie de Vivre

A pop-up playground that facilitates child-directed play using upcycled materials, inspired by the mutualistic relationship between glucose and lactate.


A fully equipped, student-run food truck that fosters new friendships within the Parisian student community, inspired by the Golgi Apparatus.

Les Galeries du Métro

A curatorial program in which Parisian museums "adopt" subway stations in the greater Paris region and choose artists-in-residence to decorate subway platforms, corridors, and entrances, inspired by the decorator crab.


A mobile service-learning game that uses GPS data to document the accessibility of Parisian sidewalks, inspired by the inflammatory immune response.


An energy efficiency program that captures excess heat from the subway to offset utility costs in low-income housing, inspired by electron transport chains in cells.


An online platform to facilitate the sharing of private spaces for community use, inspired by ion transport across cell membranes.

Paris Héro

An annual Civic Olympics and smartphone application that gamifies and popularizes volunteering, inspired by the human nervous system.

Paris Without Cars

Dynamic bike lanes that adapt to changing traffic patterns, inspired by veins and capillaries.

Parisian Projections

A weeklong cultural festival in which interviews with everyday Parisians are projected onto buildings, monuments, and infrastructure, inspired by endocrine signaling.

Petite Ceinture 2.0

The conversion of an abandoned railway into a bikeway lined with community gardens, sporting activities, and neighborhood-specific social programming, inspired by angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels.


A vending machine that sells excess supermarket produce at discounted prices, inspired by the symbiotic relationship between plants and nitrogen-fixing bacteria.


A multi-sensorial public history program commemorating the May 1968 student protests, inspired by neural networks.

Rethink Green

An educational curriculum and public festival focused on making art with recycled materials, inspired by the Central Dogma. 

Salad Bowls Sur Seine

A network of hydroponic islands with phytoremediative plants that purify the Seine, inspired by the nephrons and tubules of the kidney.


A truck and website offering educational resources about sexual health, inspired by the signaling cascade.

Themed Subway Cars

A program to thematize subway cars and foster interaction between commuters, inspired by vesicle transport.


A program to deploy green walls in subway stations, inspired by the human lymphatic network.


A smart bench that reduces the digital divide by giving users access to job postings and other resources, inspired by synapses in the brain.