Aaron Chen (Harvard), Florent De Place (SciencesPo), Fanny Gouel (CRI), Lisa Wang (Harvard)


Urbanization in Paris has led to tremendous increases in greenhouse gas emissions and energy demands. As a result, Paris and its surrounding suburbs are plagued by extreme heat stress and poor air quality.

Green spaces have been proven to mitigate these issues by providing valuable ecological services. Unfortunately, the lack of green space and disconnect from nature are prevalent in urban spaces. While Paris and its suburbs have put forth greening initiatives, these projects seldom involve citizens in the process, even though citizen engagement is critical to transform residents into ecological actors.


The GreenMobile addresses this need for change. This mobile electric greening unit aims to increase environmental awareness and green spaces in the Parisian suburbs. Drawing inspiration from the immune system, the GreenMobile is analogous to a white blood cell, as it brings resources directly to citizens to facilitate green projects in target areas.


Free workshops will be held in schools, where students can design, develop, and create green spaces in the form of large public planters, green fences, and green walls. These workshops will not only educate students on environmental issues and solutions, but also transform them into engaged ecological citizens of the future.


Relevant SDGs