Victor Berruyer (SciencesPo), Ziyad McLean (Harvard), Lauréline Pierre (Frateli), Kalena Wang (Harvard)


In the modern age, information about sex lies a click away on a computer screen. But much of it is misleading and even false. Young people who get their first exposure to sex from porn or an inaccurate website may have misconceptions about sex. These misunderstandings may even contribute to growing STD rates. 

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Our project, Sexpliquer, aims to combat these toxic trends by having a truck and a website that will work hand-in-hand to spread important sexual resources and knowledge, fighting misconceptions that people may have about sex. Sexpliquer offers a new initiative for Planning Familial and differs from other sex education resources as we incorporate a more interactive experience through our truck and have a centralized place for all things sexual on our website. 

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Although open to everyone, Sexpliquer will focus primarily on teenagers and young adults, as they tend to be at the highest risk for obtaining an STD. In the future we would hope to work more closely with schools and expand across the Grand Paris region.


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