Ève Albergel (SciencesPo), Catarina Cerqueira (SciencesPo), Justin Tseng (Harvard)


Desmains is a new answer to your needs. Today, our consumption represents a real threat to the environment. This is why Desmains seeks to be a place to learn about a new lifestyle based on autonomy, simplicity, and sustainability.


Desmains seeks to improve one’s autonomy, constituting the first step in moving from over-consumption to self-sufficiency. That is why desmains is inspired by stem cells, which maintain their population while being able to differentiate in more than 200 cells if need be. In fact, at Desmains, visitors will be able to receive help at any time of the day, to create their hygiene and cleaning products with ten ingredients sold in bulk. Customers will also be able to learn how to sew in order to improve one’s clothes or home, or to create reusable menstrual towels. More than consuming in an environmentally responsible manner, desmains offers the possibility to educate and pass down knowledge.


Desmains seeks to be a community for sharing sustainable knowledge. Desmains wants to include Parisians, volunteers in the Service Civique, and also people in work reintegration. Therefore, sustainable skills are an opportunity for the circular and local economy.

Desmains: use your two hands for tomorrow.


Relevant SDGs