La sportative

Gwenaëlle Brandelet (Sciences Po), Lily Gulledge (Harvard), Kendrick Nguyen (Harvard), Eddy Ranelitsiatosika (Frateli)


While Seine-Saint-Denis is set to house the Olympic Village, the department itself lacks sports facilities. Neighborhoods have up to four times less public exercise equipment than the regional average, resulting in both the lowest exercise and highest obesity rates of the region. 

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Inspired by hormone targeting, we propose La Sportative, a mobile activity unit that brings sports to the underserved communities of Seine-Saint-Denis. Our concept builds upon previous approaches in mobile health facilities, gender-inclusion programs and the momentum of the Olympic Games. Our minibus will visit middle schools each afternoon during the week and public spaces on weekends to bring novel sports, like kinball, trampoline, and boxing classes, that are inclusive for all genders and levels of ability.

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We plan to partner with local middle schools, sports clubs, the departmental administration and Olympic Committee. Financially, La Sportative will be sustained by government subsidies, sponsorships from sports equipment companies and revenue from private rentals. An embodiment of Olympic and egalitarian values, La Sportative can truly bring the games to Seine-Saint-Denis. 


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