Léo Houairi (CRI), Karaghen Hudson (Harvard), Isaravut Iamviriyakul (SciencesPo), Shuchen Liang (Harvard)


The average Parisian spends 84 hours a year waiting for the Métro. Les Galeries du Métro aims to beautify the subway, a space used by many, in order to increase cultural exposure and encourage individuals to visit museums throughout the city. 

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In our program, museums “adopt” Métro stations, both near the museum as well as future suburban stations along the Grand Paris Express. An artist-in-residence will work with museum curators to select an inspirational work from the museum’s collection in order to produce an original artwork. A copy of the old will be displayed in the Métro along with the new, creating a visual dialog.

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The biological inspiration of the decorator crab, an animal that attaches organisms to its shell to mutually benefit itself and its living decorations, is similar to how we envision the benefits of decorating the monotonous surfaces within the Métro.


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