Maison des saisons


Felicitas von Campenhausen (Sciences Po), Lily Gao (Harvard), Tony Shu (Harvard), Louisa Sudre-Rouffaux (CRI)


Maison des Saisons is a multifaceted project that proposes the transformation of a temporarily underutilized building in the City of Paris into an adaptable, seasonal establishment benefitting people experiencing homelessness and tourists in Paris. 

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During the winter (November to February), Maison des Saisons operates as a shelter and runs a Learn-Work-Stay vocational training program aimed at reintegrating trainees into the service sector. During the summer season (March to October), the facility operates as a hostel, providing affordable, community-based, socially-conscious lodging. In the long term, the revenue generated by the hostel aims to fund and sustain the winter shelter and training program.

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Through its seasonality and adaptability, Maison des Saisons offers a socially and financially sustainable solution to the problem of homelessness, with both immediate and longer-term benefits. Our project’s seasonal nature is inspired by CAM plants. Just as CAM plants perform separate processes of collecting and fixing CO2 during the night and day, Maison des Saisons has different operations during the winter and summer. 


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