Eloisa Capezzuto (Sciences Po), Maelle Dagnogo (CRI), William Flanagan (Harvard), Audrey-Stephanie Maghiro  (Harvard)


Like many cities with vibrant nightlife, Paris struggles with the problem of public urination. Partly due to the lack of available toilets, people, mostly men, often relieve themselves in the streets, the Métro, in parks, or in the nightlife districts along the canal and river banks. 

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The City of Paris has come up with several innovative solutions to deal with the issue of public urination; however, their solutions have primarily focused on solving the problem for men, while women and disabled people still face a lack of available facilities. 

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Inspired by the lysosomes in our cells, Equalettes provides an equitable solution to the problem of public urination along the Seine and Canal Saint-Martin by proposing inclusive, eco-friendly, cheap, convenient and reliably efficient toilets. We hope to implement ten Equalettes in these two locations by summer 2020. 


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