Marie-Caroline Brichler (CRI), Josh Mathews (Harvard),  Barbara Oedayrajsingh Varma (Harvard)


With LumiArt, we are combining art, technology and sustainability to offer a technological canvas through which communities can express themselves. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and identity in newly built, large-scale urban developments. These new communities often struggle to develop shared identity and social cohesion, which are vital factors for mental well-being. 

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Since art has proven effective in fostering a sense of belonging, we are proposing an interactive art installation that utilizes projectors to display art in the public space. The projectors will be mounted in a technological Wind Tree which uses small wind turbines to generate the energy that powers the projectors. The art, which can be in any form, is both created and chosen by community members. Thus, both in terms of energy usage and art supply, LumiArt is virtually self-sustaining. 

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Inspired by scaffold proteins that facilitate molecular interactions, we hope to bring individuals in new, developing communities — starting with the 2024 Olympic Village in Seine-Saint-Denis — together to express and develop their own identities, thereby increasing overall community social cohesion.


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