Mini Clinique

Connie Cai (Harvard), Emelyne Gaudichau (CRI), Isaac Ortega (Harvard), Mridhula Raghavan (Sciences Po)


In France, the current healthcare system focuses on treating acute illnesses, rather than focusing on primary and preventative care. As a result, such care is inefficient and limited. This leads to long waiting times for patients, overworked doctors and medical deserts where patients lack accessible care.

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Our proposal is to create a medical kiosk, titled the Mini Clinique, that is able to perform basic clinical metrics –– such as blood pressure, blood oxygen level, body mass index, temperature, and vision tests –– and can virtually connect patients to doctors through teleconsultation. These kiosks provide necessary primary care, are easily accessible, and will be stationed where the need is most acute. 

Mini Clinique 4-3-01.png

Inspired by the lymphatic system in our own bodies, which forms a defense network to protect from pathogens and infection, these kiosks will be stationed throughout the Grand Paris region, in buildings, clinics, and on streets, forming a network of healthcare that will protect at-risk populations, prevent future health issues, and provide a platform for increased community health literacy.