Clément Arcadias (Frateli), Salomé Attias (SciencesPo), Ali Nasser (Harvard), Chanel Varney (Harvard)


PickMeUp combines the technology of an app with the convenience of a vending machine to join the war against food waste. 

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In France, the issue of food waste continues to intensify, with almost 10 million pounds of waste per year. In recognition of this issue, France has ambitiously committed to cutting its food waste in half by the year 2025. The country has placed special mandates on commercial food stores, like supermarkets, to reduce their significant contribution to this overall waste. 

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For food stores that are not able to partner with food-related nonprofits, PickMeUp intervenes to prevent fresh food from becoming food waste. Every PickMeUp vending machine will provide a secondary sales platform for surplus food. The vending machine offers discounted prices in relation to the freshness of the food, and will be open 24/7, which makes it a perfect late-night, on-the-go, and inexpensive option.


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