Parisian projections

Marine Kirat (Frateli), Ju-Hyun Lee (Harvard), Chris Li (Harvard), Nicolas Senecaut (CRI)


A center of diversity, Paris is home to a rich repository of cultural identities. However, in recent years, Paris has faced increasing challenges in terms of ethnic conflict and misunderstanding. Political developments have exacerbated the problems, and many groups have felt growing isolation and distance from French society.

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Our proposal increases cultural empathy in Paris through a humanistic approach. “Parisian Projections” is a weeklong art festival in which the City of Light is illuminated by projections, and Parisians from various backgrounds share their stories and experiences in an emotionally resonant way. These projected stories will empower individuals who have never been able to voice their narratives.

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Drawing from the biological phenomenon of endocrine signaling, in which hormones broadcast critical messages to an organism, this initiative incorporates several feedback mechanisms to gauge viewer responses via digital platforms. Just as cells elicit differential responses in complex physiological change, our proposal will contribute significantly to improving cross-cultural communication in the city of Paris.


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