Autumn Boutin (Harvard), Brennan Gregg (Harvard), Myriam Laadhari (SciencesPo), Adrien Vergès (CRI)


Recently, France has been subject to criticism for its poor education quality, which is especially lacking for students from immigrant and low income backgrounds. 

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In this film, a team of four students from various upbringings around Paris comes together to compete in a bi-annual competition known as Compétition DiverCité. DiverCité seeks to create social diversity and improve perseverance and problem solving amongst high school students. Student teams work over the course of the semester to propose a solution to a Parisian problem, documenting their experience on Snapchat and Facebook and meeting bi-monthly with a professional mentor for advice. 

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The film documents the struggles and triumphs of four students throughout the competition. Even though they have a difficult start, the team creates a camaraderie that, along with the mentor guidance, helps them develop a skillset that is necessary to achieve beyond high school. 


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