Rethink Green

Amélie Bouissou (CRI), Bronte Lim (Harvard), Kelvin Muriuki (Harvard), Leila Zouari (Frateli)


Rethink Green focuses on celebrating sustainability through artistic creation. By targeting grade school age children, we introduce sustainable habits from an early age that can develop into a lifestyle and influence adults around them.

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Our program integrates three components: a website to share recycled art projects and techniques; a curriculum that teaches the why and how behind a sustainable lifestyle; and an art exhibit. Like the biological principle of the Central Dogma, in which DNA becomes RNA and then functional proteins, we provide information-rich platforms that, through collaboration with teachers, artists, the local government and students, can be synthesized into action.

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By giving Parisians agency over creating a sustainable Paris for the future, we empower them to see a green lifestyle as more than just a chore, but as a source of beauty.


Relevant SDGs