Noor Amari (Harvard), Bhavya Yadav (SciencesPo), Parker Hayward (Harvard)


Joie de Vivre is a project that focuses on child-directed play using upcycled materials. We plan to bring children together from diverse backgrounds for a rich learning and play experience via a mobile and temporary playground that operates every weekend. 

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There will be two components of the Joie de Vivre playground: a play structure that can easily be assembled and disassembled; and specific activities that use loose materials. We will encourage households to donate their used toys and recyclable materials that would have otherwise gone to waste, and use these at our events.

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In order to be mobile and set up at different locations, we plan to have a truck that stores, loads, and unloads our materials. Moreover, we will have a website and social media accounts that will let parents and caretakers know the details of our pop-up playground events. Overall, Joie de Vivre aims to decrease household waste, while providing children with free, sustainable, and fun activities. 


Relevant SDGs