MA Découverte

Saimun Habib (Harvard), Madjda Kharoubi (Sciences Po), Araceli Marcial (Harvard), Léopoldine Taïrou (CRI)


Ma DécouVerte is an interactive app-based excursion designed for children and families to discover nature in Paris. The app generates a route leading the user to various biodiverse locations throughout the city, such as parks, cemeteries and gardens.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.45.01 AM.png

At these locations, information panels with QR codes are scattered around the park, rewarding the user with points and badges for scanning the codes and answering quizzes. By partnering with the Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle, photographs that users take are submitted for use by local researchers. 

ma decouverte 4-3-01.png

The project is inspired by the protein channels that exist within the cell membrane. The channels open when a chemical compound, known as a ligand, binds to the channel. In our analogy, the ligand is our application, opening the channel between children and nature. The open channel facilitates an important exchange between nature and children. By mobilizing children to engage with scientific data collection, our project encourages children to develop an interest in preserving the nature in their city. 


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