Lucie Coquet (Paris Descartes), Ella Pinard-Bertelletto (Sciences Po), Rowen VonPlagenhoef (Harvard), Josie Wolf (Harvard)


The Père Lachaise cemetery alone covers twice the area of the Buttes Chaumont, the largest park in Paris. Despite the immense space they consume, our cemeteries are congested. With approximately 100,000 Parisians expected to die in the next seven years, the organization, operation and governance of cemeteries — as well as funerary practices — are a major challenge for the city of Paris. It is now crucial to rethink the way we bury the dead. 

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Pando, a new kind of funeral service, aspires to increase accessibility to alternative burial practices and reimagine the future of cemeteries as open spaces for the city and its inhabitants. Through our website, we connect individuals to sustainable burial companies in order to offer an alternative for each stage of the funeral process.

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Unlike traditional funerary options, we offer an environmentally friendly and affordable service that is tailored to families' needs during a difficult time. Pando’s goal is to lower funerary costs while transforming the cemeteries into green spaces by creating a cultural shift towards sustainable burials. 


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