Megan Galbreath (Harvard), Hoyoung Lee (Harvard), Mathieu Szotowski (CRI)


Despite the beautiful parks scattered around the city, Paris faces an issue with its overall lack of green spaces and overbearing concrete landscape. Greenspired hopes to expand on current greening programs by engaging in urban greening through an artistic and whimsical approach. 


Our project has three main initiatives: create moss art along underused vertical spaces, develop unused alleyways into green spaces, and reimagine advertising with the creation of green billboards along the Péripherique. Drawing inspiration from pufferfish nest construction, which transforms the mundane seafloor into a beautiful and functional circular pattern, we want to renovate Paris’ cityscape into an environmentally-friendly model for sustainability. 


As a result of our greening, we also tackle one of Paris’ other most pressing problems: air pollution. With sustainability at the core of the Paris 2024 Olympic bid, Greenspired’s initiatives help the city commit to their promise to be sustainable by advertising that way, too, with our green billboards. Greenspired’s initiatives will be tailored to the needs of the city, creating a legacy of sustainability, vibrancy, and innovation for Paris.


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