Ibtissem Maouene (Sciences Po), Brendan Massoud (Harvard), Morgane Opoix (CRI), Olivia Thorson (Harvard)


PurParis is a project devoted to creating pollution-free outdoor exercise spaces on the Seine River open to all residents of Paris. This project tackles Parisian issues of air pollution, the urban heat island effect, and the low rates of exercise among French citizens. As the city struggles to manage car traffic and combat rising summer temperatures, it must take measures to protect its citizens.


Therefore, our team has created a unique proposal to address these challenges. PurParis zones will be open 24 hours a day, free of charge to individuals, and will have spin bikes, pull-up bars, and manual treadmills. They will also include relaxation spaces, water stations, and misters for people to cool off. To manage emissions from cars, the spaces will be enclosed by moss walls capable of purifying the air. We will use electricity generated by exercisers on bicycles to power these devices.


PurParis will partner with corporations and local organizations to fund and maintain the space. We will be able to track PurParis’ impact on the city by monitoring pollution levels in the area and tracking workout metrics on bicycles.

Overall, PurParis represents the future of exercise in Paris and cities around the world.


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