Lotfi Aoulad (SciencesPo), Amandine Maire (CRI), Hagen Puller (Harvard), Rainbow Yeung (Harvard)


HYPOT (Hygiene Pour Tous) is an integrated educational campaign that seeks to spread awareness about health and sanitation in the Paris Métro. The general population is typically unaware of, or does not follow, some of the most important tenets of healthy behavior in public spaces, creating persistent health concerns in high-traffic spaces. Capitalizing on the ubiquity of the Métro in Parisian life, our project will target commuters with a directed educational component in the form of postering in stations and trains, an artistic design contest, and a strong social media presence. 

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This effort will be supplemented by a physical sanitation component as we install a silver-based antimicrobial coating in the ventilation systems of the Métro trains. Together, these two advents will work to guide citizens toward healthier behavior in the Métro and beyond. 

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Our ultimate goal is to see this campaign implemented in all stations and Métro trains across the city and to make a substantial impact on public health by reimagining the delivery of educational tools in public spaces.


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