Mirhee Kim (Harvard), Daniel Ott (Harvard), Anna Lemoine Danese (CRI)


Just like multicellular organisms need communication between cells to survive, communities need to foster relationships between residents in order to be healthy and resilient. Paris suffers from this lack of social capital: Many Parisians are isolated in their respective neighborhoods, and struggle to find spaces for community events to build new relationships. 

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Though both “official” and “unofficial” community centers exist, they are not in every arrondissement and are limited in their range of activities.  Similar to programs like 596 Acres, Neighbourday, and Nextdoor, OurSpace will facilitate community interaction in shared private spaces, inspired by the transport of ions across membranes and affinity trapping in the nucleus. 

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Using the platform, community members can host events, offer their spaces to others, search for available spaces, or attend featured events. Activating underutilized spaces for the common good, OurSpace will help to build stronger and healthier communities.


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