Petite ceinture 2.0

Gaspard Baudrin (CRI), Olivia Chen (Harvard), Cécile Crapart (CRI), Alexander Kaufman (Harvard)


Petite Ceinture 2.0 is a renewed infrastructure for green transportation and a connection point for Parisians of different backgrounds and classes. We hope to target Paris’s most pressing issues today by repurposing la Petite Ceinture – a 32-kilometer abandoned railroad that encircles the city – into a green bikeway with community gardens and social programming.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.21.12 PM.png

This project was inspired by the process of angiogenesis, how the body builds new blood vessels to target wounds or low-oxygen areas. Similarly, Petite Ceinture 2.0 would bring “oxygen” into the city and suburbs, easing the daily commute, increasing central Parisians’ interaction with nature, offering a platform for those seeking more social connection.

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The bikeway’s design and activities will be tailored to interests and needs of every arrondissement through which it passes, acknowledging diversity within the city.  If it becomes a meaningful addition of the city, Petite Ceinture 2.0 can be expanded into adjacent streets and beyond, connecting more of the city and suburbs, and consequentially more people.


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