Ivy Tran (Harvard), Jinri Kim (Sciences Po), Lucile Montigaud (Sciences Po), Joyce Zhou (Harvard)


OuiCan is a competition connecting middle school students throughout the Grand Paris region, challenging teams of students to redesign their own schools to be more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This project seeks to bring together middle school students from different backgrounds through cooperation and competition and to increase student engagement with educational, societal, and environmental challenges.


Inspired by cell signaling in the immune system, OuiCan also recognizes the importance of having a community in order to build resiliency. OuiCan strives to form a network between middle schools through required site visits between schools, an online platform for all participating teachers and students to communicate and share their ideas and practices, and ceremonies throughout the year to gather competing teams.


The project itself will be a year-long competition, where a different challenge related to sustainability is proposed each year. Students will work together in teams of ten to submit a written proposal, create a physical model or a video, and present their solution at the closing ceremony. Through this competition, we envision a more interconnected Grand Paris and hope to unite and empower students as global problem-solvers.


Relevant SDGs