Raul Jordan (Harvard), Jennifer Tu (Harvard), Manon Curaudeau (CRI)


Generational Exchange (GenEx) is an online platform to facilitate offline, bidirectional mentoring between youth (13-26) and adults of the Third Age (50-70). The “why” of the project is inspired by the Grandmother Hypothesis, an evolutionary argument for the older adults as caregivers and sources of knowledge. 

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GenEx will harness the wisdom and experience of “Third Age” adults, who are transitioning from midlife to elderliness (ages 50-70). Its purpose is twofold: to balance the Parisian job market by offering youth mentorship and career-related skills while giving more experienced adults a renewed sense of purpose.

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The “how” of GenEx derives from cellular signaling cascades, which inspire GenEx’s social infrastructure for continuous learning in an amplifying process. By matching youth with Third Age adults, facilitating offline, face-to-face interactions, and creating local communities of mentorship, GenEx seeks to redefine intergenerational relationships and reinvigorate Paris.


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