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1 Pour Tous

A vending machine containing first aid items, female hygiene products, and bathroom amenities whose profits are redirected towards providing hygienic care for the homeless, inspired by the DNA replication system.


A compact planter system to retrofit historic Parisian chimneys and increase biodiversity, inspired by brush border cells.


Low-cost and eco-friendly public toilets that provide a gender-equitable solution to the problem of public urination in Paris, inspired by the lysosomes in our cells.


A wind-powered technological art tree that strengthens social cohesion in new communities, inspired by the scaffold proteins that facilitate molecular interactions. 

Ma DécouVerte

An interactive app-based excursion designed for children and families to explore biodiversity in Paris, inspired by the protein channels in the cell membrane.

Maison des Saisons

A facility that operates as a homeless shelter in the winter and a youth hostel in the summer, staffed by the formerly homeless, inspired by the diurnal processes of CAM plants. 


An app that rewards users for their distance travelled on public transportation, inspired by the role of pheromones in ant colonies.

Mini Clinique

A medical kiosk that performs basic clinical metrics and virtually connects patients to doctors through teleconsultation, inspired by the lymphatic system.


Storytelling workshops for migrants and refugees to learn how to communicate effectively about themselves in French, inspired by a protein that permits the expression of previously silenced DNA.


A funeral service that increases accessibility to alternative burial practices for Parisians, inspired by the mycorrhizal network that connects plants and fungi.

Portes de Paris

Locally-led walking tours based at the former gates of Paris that educate visitors through augmented reality, inspired by the diversity of tropical ecosystems.

La Sportative

A mobile athletic facility that promotes gender inclusion in sports through unusual activities, inspired by hormone targeting.