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Pari(s) Compost

As a pilot program, Pari(s) Compost! advocates for mandatory composting legislation and an educational outreach campaign for the 4th arrondissement and its 26,796 inhabitants.


PurParis is a project devoted to creating pollution-free outdoor exercise spaces on the Seine River open to all residents of Paris.


At desmains, visitors will be able to receive help at any time of the day, to create their hygiene and cleaning products with ten ingredients sold in bulk.

e-Co Metro

We aim to create green hubs in new stations of the GPE where commuters can mingle and learn more about sustainability events through a digital kiosk, and where elderly and primary school students can work together to create a community garden that preserves the local biodiversity.


OuiCan is a competition connecting middle school students throughout the Grand Paris region, challenging teams of students to redesign their own schools to be more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.


BonVoyage seeks to address sexual assault and sexual harrassment in public transportation by building a mobile app that uses Bluetooth technology in public transportation to connect people with a network of nearby active bystanders, and creating a set of interactive training modules.


Our solution proposes reallocating approximately 150 units in the to-be-built Olympic Athletes village as affordable housing for low-income students. In return, students receiving housing will participate in a mentorship program.


Café-Tiers is a non-profit café that will employ refugee people and be located along the Champs- Elysées. It will serve as a community and event space for both refugee and non-refugee communities, meant to promote the social integration of refugee people within Paris.


This mobile electric greening unit aims to increase environmental awareness and green spaces in the Parisian suburbs.