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A mobile application that guides blind commuters through the subway using beacon technology, inspired by molecule signaling and hormone transport.


A system of pedestrian-friendly green corridors, built over unused road space, that connect the green spaces of Paris, inspired by the brain's neural network.


A summer program for marginalized suburban youth that reinforces classroom lessons with hands-on projects, inspired by the process of angiogenesis.


An educational cartoon magazine, made by children, for children, inspired by the signal transduction cascade.


A network of publicly accessible refrigerators and pantries where Parisians can exchange excess fresh food, inspired by the way carbon dioxide travels from the cells to the lungs.

Green Coin

An alternative "green currency" that rewards users for performing environmentally friendly actions, inspired by the kidney's ability to reclaim and reuse waste.


A fully equipped, student-run food truck that fosters new friendships within the Parisian student community, inspired by the Golgi Apparatus.


An energy efficiency program that captures excess heat from the subway to offset utility costs in low-income housing, inspired by electron transport chains in cells.


A program to deploy green walls in subway stations, inspired by the human lymphatic network.


A smart bench that combats the "digital divide" by giving users access to job postings and other resources, inspired by synapses in the brain.